My approach

As a therapist, my goal is to help you become increasingly unstuck. I can show you how even your painful problems are information and potent opportunities for change and growth. I also want to help you see that you already have everything that it takes to feel better. You may discover that you can pretty much create the life you want.

My approach is one of transformation through non-judgment, listening, support, empathy, and insight. Some of the techniques we may use are talk therapy, inquiry, mindfulness, guided meditation, and experiential techniques. Experiential techniques include focusing, role play, sub personality work, emotional release, and inner child exercises. The therapy is created to suit you. All of the work is intended to access the reality that lies below the regular conscious mind, increase self-awareness, strengthen the mind-heart-body connection, increase emotional fluency and intuition, and align with your true self.

Regardless of the specific techniques used, the relationship between you and me, as well as your innate wisdom are keys to you feeling more content. Ultimately, the idea is to achieve the goals that you define and make it possible for you to meet your needs.

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